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Welcome to The Shengko Clinic’s website of Systematic Kinesiology

Systematic Kinesiology works with the body’s own healing system. Therefore there is not a single condition of the body or mind that cannot be helped by Systematic Kinesiology. For kinesiology treats the person, not the condition.

We are born hard wired to be well and our body will always strive to be in perfect balance. However, with the multitude of external stressors we all face every day, this becomes an unrealistic goal for our bodies to achieve.

Stressors can include things like work related stress, relationship heartache, sleep deprivation, diet and food intolerances, lack of physical activity, digestive health, infections, environmental toxins, perceived stress, lack of sunlight, electromagnetic sensitivity…
with all of this surrounding us constantly, sometimes we all need a little help – and that’s ok.

Perhaps you are in great health and simply want to maintain or improve where you are right now? Potentially you may have a family member, or a loved one who needs some support with their health or emotional wellbeing? Maybe your son or daughter is struggling through school? Or you could be a sports enthusiast who is looking for performance optimisation? Whatever your reason for visiting this site, the information here will help guide you to the next step of your journey.

If you want to increase your energy and vitality, prevent illness, boost you body’s own healing mechanisms, release negative thinking/behaviour patterns, free yourself from chronic disease, overcome fears and worries, be free of pain, increase confidence and self esteem or sharpen your mental focus, then kinesiology can help your body achieve all of this.

In a world where we are bombarded by information from everyone and everywhere, Systematic Kinesiology allows you to get information from YOU.

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“Wow!!! I’ve been on the most amazing journey with Jamie. Kinesiology has helped me so much over the last year. I’ve felt very stressed and very anxious for various reasons. I’ve felt this physically, mentally and very much emotionally. I can’t thank Jamie enough for what she has done. I highly recommend this type of treatment to everyone, it really is life changing!! xx” – Kelly Woodland

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