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Kinesiology can allow you freedom from:

  • Eczema
  • Arthritis
  • Lupus
  • Insomnia/difficulty sleeping
  • Weight issues
  • Menopause
  • Diabetes
  • Post traumatic stress disorder
  • Bladder or kidney infections
  • Regular colds or infections
  • Headaches/migraines
  • Stress
  • Tiredness
  • Cancer
  • Polycystic ovary syndrome
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Bi-polar disorder
  • ADD
  • SAD
  • Anxiety
  • Vertigo
  • Work related stress
  • ADHD
  • Food Intolerances
  • Sugar cravings
  • Mood swings
  • Back/joint/neck pain
  • Muscle/tendon discomfort
  • Indigestion
  • Fertility issues
  • IBS

The main tool used by a kinesiologist is muscle testing, which is uninvasive and painless for the client. The biomechanical responses of the body divulge a huge amount of information. Kinesiologists are trained to interpret this language of the body.

Kinesiology works on the principle that each muscle relates to the function of a different organ or gland, all of which are connected by a network of energetic channels referred to as meridians.

The four main areas that will always be looked at during every treatment are: emotional well being, nutrition, lymphatic stimulation and meridian acupressure. Bringing these main components together within this one modality is what makes this form of complimentary healthcare so successful.

It truly is a whole-listic approach to amazing health with a side order of peace and well being!

Therapist and patient

In our western culture, when we become unwell, we have a tendency to hand over the responsibility of our own health to our GP in hope that they can help. Medicine is wonderful but often it will simply put a temporary lid on symptoms – symptoms that the body has created in order to get your attention. Symptoms of any condition are our body’s way of communicating with us. Kinesiology looks to really listen to what it is the body truly needs, thus getting to the source of the issue.

Not only is kinesiology great to pick you up when your health most needs the support, but it is at it’s absolute best when used as preventative healthcare. Either way, the ultimate goal is to empower you through awareness and knowledge. Once you start to get some answers and you can see your health improving, you will soon realise, with the guidance of your practitioner, how easily you can make small lifestyle changes that create huge improvements to the way you feel.


In my experience, parents who have used Systematic Kinesiology to help their little ones have found the experience and the results invaluable. Your child can be helped with anything from skin issues to digestive problems to confidence building to ADD or ADHD.
The list really is endless!

Systematic Kinesiology is especially great for working in the emotional realm with children as they sometimes do not have the words they need to express how they feel. With the thought; ‘What we suppress, our body will express.’ in mind, it’s a little easier to realise that seemingly very physical conditions can often have an emotional root.

If your child is very little, we can still work through a surrogate to carry out the muscle testing. For your child this will more than likely involve sitting on Mum/Dad/Auntie/Granny’s lap playing with some toys while the actual muscle testing is carried out on the adult. As long as the child has skin to skin contact with the adult who is being tested, we can obtain all the information we need about the child.

For a further chat about this or to book an appointment please see the contact details below.

Happy children

“My daughter has had headaches for months, had brain scans, cameras up nose and osteopaths look at her back. One session with Jamie and she is already feeling better, in fact the best she has felt in a long time. Jamie is amazing, I would highly recommend a session with her.” – Kelly Haynes

Food Testing

Have you ever thought you may be intolerant to a certain food and not had a clue what food it could be? Perhaps you have a skin or digestive issue that you think could be related to something you are eating?

The number of invasive, lengthy and over complicated methods to find out what you may be intolerant to have been tried and tested by many. So many people spend months randomly cutting out food groups to try and isolate what food it might be that is aggravating them.

What if you could find out this information easily? Through muscle testing? Within an hour? And not only be given the information you need, but be able to ‘feel’ how your body responds (or not) to certain foods, washing powders, animal hair, cosmetics… etc.

For a further chat about this or to book an appointment please see the contact details below.

Feeling bloated

“Kinesiology helped turn my life round, through simple food testing it was found that Gluten was a key factor in worsening my Lupas, I was having to take  steroids prescribed daily, after just 3 sessions and changing my diet, along with some suppliments I was able to stop taking steroids and get back to a pretty normal life, even back running (which I had not been able to do in nearly 4 years). Thank you so much Jamie Linegar.” – Kelly Hughes

Sport Performance

If you are a sport professional or enthusiast you will know only too well how frustrating, painful and limiting it can be if you obtain an injury. Systematic Kinesiology can not only bring you back from injury to health much more quickly, but it can help optimise your body and your muscles to ensure they have everything they need to avoid injury in the first place.

The goal is to facilitate the body in preparation to take on whatever challenges, physically or emotionally, the game throws at you.

For further information on this or to book an appointment please see the contact details below.

Playing rugby

“I badly tore my achilles tendon a few years back due to a sports injury. After 9 weeks of recovery, the tendon re-ruptured. The medical investigations at this point, revealed that I needed surgery. While waiting for the surgery I had some kinesiology treatments with Jamie. From the treatments she was able to advise me what nutrition I needed to take to directly help my injury. By the time I went to the hospital for my operation, the final scan could find no tear to repair!” – Chris Linegar


Don’t forget the health of your pets.  Due to the amazing opportunities that surrogate testing offers, we can treat your much loved animals just as easily as we can treat humans.

For a further chat about this, or to book an appointment, please see the contact details below.

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