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 17 November 2023

Back by popular demand, Anahata welcomes Lyndsey and Anna back to the retreat to, once again, hold their incredible breath workshop.

Breath is the first thing we do as we come into the world and it is the last thing we do as we leave to venture beyond the physical. With that in mind we know that the breath holds the potential to be a powerful portal during all the important transitional points in our journey.

Lyndsey Marriot &

Anna Navala

are qualified breath coaches who will guide you through your conscious connected breath experience. Jamie had the honour of witnessing Lyndsey and Anna at work last year at Anahata and was struck by their knowledge, the power of their workshop and their ability to hold that power from a place of complete calm and nurture. Having taken part in numerous breath workshops herself, Jamie was honoured to hold that space for Lyndsey and Anna and was pretty blown away as she was able to witness the beauty that comes to life when we are guided in our breath.

The day will be held at the beautiful Yeo Valley Organic Gardens next to the waters of Blagdon Lake.

Anahata is a Sanskrit word for heart energy and loosely translates as ‘unhurt’. It is the place within you that is the watcher of all things. It is the untouched. Your anchor point. When the waters of life become choppy, you can come back to this space within you and it will always guide you back to you. The place within you that is full of strength. The place within you that is resilient. The place within you that is full of wisdom and enables you to really show up for life.

With this beautiful sentiment in mind, what better a way to honour this part of you, your heart centre, than with deeply connected and conscious breath.

Let’s come together, at Anahata, to be with like minded folk, remember who we truly are, and really raise our vibration.


Anahata – What will your day look like?

🤍 10.00am arrive, warm drinks & settle.

🤍 10.15am welcome from Jamie.

🤍 10.30am Breath Workshop with Lyndsey and Anna.

🤍 1.30pm Lunch ~ enjoy the on site cafe where you can buy tasty organic food and gaze across the south facing landscape to the Mendip Hills.

🤍 2.30pm A landing space, held by experienced practitioners, to allow you to process your morning experience.

🤍 3.30pm Warm drinks served in the cafe and some time for you to enjoy the beautiful organic gardens and lake views.

🤍 4.30pm Sound Bath to close our day.

The investment for one whole immersive day at Anahata, including everything listed above is £99.


To make enquiries or book yourself a place please contact Jamie at

See below to know more about Jamie.


Jamie is the curator of Anahata. Her biggest love is to hold space for people who have come to her with an awareness of their physical and emotional inbalances. Combining her training and experience in kinesiology, meditation teaching, reiki, indigenous traditions, diet & nutrition coaching and sound therapy she is able to gently guide her clients back to a space that is more in alignment with their soul purpose. For it is when we stray from this path that we become unwell.

There is no effective cure that does not consider the soul. This sentiment is always Jamie’s anchor point when she is looking to facilitate and ‘be with you’ on your journey of healing and growth.

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