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The theory of muscle testing was initially developed by R.W Lovett, an orthopaedic surgeon who was working with polio victims in the 1930s.

Kinesiology was further developed in the 1960s by an american chiropractor by the name of George Goodheart. He found that weak muscles could be made stronger by using various chiropractic therapies.

Goodheart developed these therapies to include neurolymphatic and neurovascular reflexes as well as cerebrospinal fluid flow and acupuncture meridian therapy. Nutritional testing was soon incorporated as part of this revolutionary therapy.

In 2001 Goodheart was placed onto the Time’s list of the Top 100 Alternative Medicine Innovators of the 21st century.

Today kinesiology is one of the most frequently used chiropractic techniques in the USA and is one of the UK’s fastest growing therapies in it’s own right.

Chiropractic therapy
Systematic Kinesiology session

Systematic Kinesiology utilises all of the above approaches to work with the body’s innate intelligence as a facilitator to the body’s own ability to heal. This form of kinesiology maintains that our emotional health is also integral to all the above other factors. Emotional traumas, upsets and general every day life stressors all play out in our physical bodies and overall well being.

With gratitude to the innovators who developed this therapy, that brings Eastern and Western medicine together, we have a wonderful set of tools at our disposal to protect our gift of good health.

“It’s been an amazing journey for us all and one I can never thank Jamie enough for. She has given me my little boy and given him a whole new, positive outlook on life – he’s living now rather than just existing. I don’t understand it and neither does he but we cannot stop recommending Jamie and her fabulous kinesiology to everyone.” – Belinda Muscat

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