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About Me
About Me

My name is Jamie Linegar and I am a Systematic Kinesiologist, working in the south Bristol area. I trained with the Academy of Systematic Kinesiology based in London and I am a member of the Kinesiology Association.

I first heard about kinesiology in 2013, and much like a lot of people I asked ‘kin-easy- what!?’ I had always had an interest in anatomy and physiology and therefore a career in that field somewhere had always appealed to me. However, apart from a period of time as a fitness instructor, I ended up working in other areas such as human resources and property development.

Since running my clinic I have become an enthusiastic student in all aspects of health. And as part of my continuous professional development I regularly attend training on topics such as nutrition, energy medicine, meditation, plant medicine, human biology, microbiome and sound therapy to name a few. I am also a qualified reiki practitioner and meditation teacher. I am honoured to be able to share all of these skills when I work with my clients.


“Jamie is very professional and has a lot of empathy and kindness when she works with a client. I highly recommend her to anyone – whether you are a young baby to a child, adult or older people. xx” – Paula Cuthbert

Since the beginning of my journey in this world of kinesiology, I can quite honestly say it has turned my world around (and that of my family). I feel incredibly lucky and humble to have found this line of work. Not only can I look after my family in a way I never could before, but I can spend the rest of my days helping people look after themselves and their loved ones. Finding this path is no less than a gift to me. And no gift is as good as a gift that can be shared.

“I had the most amazing experience during my sessions of kineseology with Jamie. Jamie made me feel very comfortable asking me various questions about my diet, lifestyle and general emotional well being. Once we had established some of my ongoing issues Jamie tested different muscles and used a few different techniques explaining everything she was doing along the way. I came away from the session with a lot more knowledge of my body needs and what my body was lacking, this enabled me to make positive steps in restoring some vitamins, understanding my emotional feelings and working on changing some life style choices. I felt very relaxed and positive after my sessions and my issues where soon resolved. Jamie is very professional and approachable, and I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs a helping hand and a life changing look into Kinesiology.” – Rachael Cherry

“Jamie helped me turn my spikes of ice into soft snowflakes, my inner storm into a calm ocean.
With her amazing ability and knowledge she truly is 1st class.” – Donna Coles

“About 15 years ago I thought I had some kind of virus. I was 45 years old at the time. After about 5 years of putting up with the most debilitating symptoms, doctors told me I was going through the menopause. Regardless of the help offered by doctors my symptoms just got worse. Life was a struggle. And then I found kinesiology.  After a number of very subtle treatments, a 10 day detox and a number of recommended supplements, my symptoms reduced by at least 80%, I could not believe it! If you are experiencing symptoms of the menopause, please give kinesiology a try. Just go with an open mind, and for best results listen to what you are advised to do.” – Tina Prince

“For the best part of the last two years I’ve felt at times extremely sad, stressed, fearful, and generally not my usual happy self. I put it down to the birth of my second child and adjusting to life with two beautiful children.   Trying to find the balance between a working life and motherhood was, in my eyes, tougher this time round. I have struggled physically, mentally and very much emotionally and if it wasn’t for Jamie and Kinesiology I’m not sure how I would have coped and got through it! Jamie is the most understanding, compassionate, dedicated and endearing lady. Kinesiology has enabled me to feel like me again and for the first time feel in touch with my mind and my body. I don’t have enough words to thank Jamie for what she has done for me and my family and I will be forever grateful!” – Kelly Woodland

“If you have a health problem, feel tired or weak
A Kinesiologist is what you might seek
Health care professionals on hand to assess
To test your muscles and reduce any stress
A biofeedback technique to find an imbalance
A way to good health
And improve your talents
Discover what foods you are sensitive to
Intolerances can sap energy and make you feel blue
Holistic healing to help calm and restore
Some lifestyle changes
Feel yourself once more.” – Jon Hill

“I visited Jamie in March 2015, with my very sensitive 9 year old daughter, she had a lot of worries and behavioural concerns. Not knowing what path to take, I decided the medication that was prescribed by the Paediatrician for ADHD did not feel right. When we left Jamie that day We had a new direction to take, we were advised to stop wheat and reduce her sugar intake to allow her system a break. We were given different exercises to help with her concentration and energy levels, we found alternative vitamins to support her and the work Jamie did over the next few months really helped her emotionally, we noticed a big shift even after the first month. We frequently visit Jamie still when we notice a switch in mood and stress levels, the results are priceless.
Now our daughter is just as enthusiastic, lively and inquisitive about the world but has less anxiety, and with regular sessions to support her with Nutrition and Emotion or whatever else she may need at the time.
She is now more content and we are all happy.” – Debbie Smith

“We took our 9-year-old son to see Jamie as he was suffering with dizziness and nausea and a bad belly before bedtime. Liam was so unsettled at night, with having night terrors and nightmares as well this was very disturbing for us. He would often vomit before bed, or during the night and become very upset and anxious. He also had a lack of energy and would get out of breath and get a stitch easily.”

Jamie did the necessary muscle testing to gain information, which Liam found deeply relaxing. After applying light pressure and seeing how well each muscle holds up against it she discovered an imbalance, which was corrected. She pinpointed wheat as the culprit. Too much wheat in his diet. We immediately changed this and introduced all the gluten-free/wheat-free foods Jamie recommended.

After 7 weeks we noticed such a difference. Liam is much more settled at night and has no more tummy aches. He is stronger and become more active. His newfound energy has helped him enjoy the things he loves most. Clearly Liam has benefitted from this therapy. We are very grateful to Jamie and would definitely recommend her services.” – Claire Feltham

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