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An Ode To The Whispers In The Wind

An Ode to the Whispers in the Wind

Here’s to the whispers in the wind.
To feeling the warmth of the sun on your skin.
To your connection with the Earth beneath.
For when your roots are deep, let the weather be wild.
All that you have survived, has served you well.
Take some time to visit your story.
Feel what needs to be felt, but be sure to put it down.
For now is your time to be grateful for the wounds.
For now is your time to smile at the fun you had yesterday.
All of your story has made you beautifully You.
Now You can choose to feel safe.
Now You can let go.
Now You can breath.

Here’s to the whispers in the wind.
To embracing your transformation, in all its creativity.
To feeling the pulse of sensuality running through your veins.
To dancing in the darkness and the light.
For both, are your home.
Walk side by side with all parts of who you are.
Remembering to be forever fearless and always playful.
Never be afraid my love.
Watch the sunset and know in your heart the way beyond the horizon.

Here’s to the whispers in the wind.
To stillness when it’s needed, and when it’s not needed.
For it’s when you are still, you taste the true nectar of life.
Trust your instincts, even when the journey ahead seems impossible.
Know……….this is the way.
Call on your tribe to hold you when you need it.
But remember that you can always fly alone, for you have everything you need.
Call to your ancestors to warm their hands by your fire.
For they love you so.
Call to your children, and your children’s children.
Guide them, inspire them, learn from them.
For they are your guide.
And you love them so.

Here’s to the whispers in the wind.
To the mountains we only dare dream of.
Being so high, what can you see?
Perhaps who you are becoming ten thousand years from now.
Is there a part of you that has all the answers?
Perhaps visit your heart, whilst there you could wonder if you feel a vibration.
To expanding that vibration, and expanding your consciousness.
You could wonder how it feels to fly wing to wing with great Spirit.
All embracing, unconditional Love.
I’m hoping you allow yourself this vision often.
For all you need is Love, and Love is all you need.

To the whispers in the wind.
To the energies above.
To the sun, moon and stars.
Hold us tightly in all our wonder.
To Spirit, who goes by a thousand names.
To Spirit, you who are the unnameable one.
We live this life to humbly share our experiences with you.
We live this life to expand our own consciousness.
And in doing so we expand yours and one anothers.
We must remember that we too are Spirit first, flesh and bones second.
We must remember that we too are divine.
Thanks to you and all that is sacred.

Here’s to the whispers in the wind.
To the energies below.
Our true Mother.
You give to us endlessly.
And you ask for so little in return.
Here’s to dreaming our world into being.
Holding that vision.
More importantly, holding that feeling.
In that vision, our Mother is whole again.
Her water flows clear again.
She sings again.
To the sound of Her voice, we soar.
Spend your time being grateful, as if the healing has already happened.
This gratitude is our power.
This joy belongs to our Mother.
This feeling will reflect back to us its reality.
Watch what needs to happen manifest, as if by magic.
Call on all who dwell on Her.
To join you in your quest.
To join you in the beauty way.

Here’s to the energies from within always being pure and present.
To the energies of the South.
To the energies of the West.
To the energies of the North.
To the energies of the East.
To the energies above.
To the energies below.

I ask only one thing…………..
Please…………always whisper to us in the wind.

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