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So I have been compelled to sit down and write about the wonderful company I have been graced with today.  I’ve had a full clinic on this showery Monday and I only noticed this morning while looking through my approaching appointments that all my clients today were women.  

My female clients are a constant reminder of how wonderful women are.  There is no getting away from the fact that women are so very different to men.  So very complicated in a way that I once used to find overwhelming and disconcerting.  So to now be sat here writing about my admiration of women is a real testament to my own journey – as a women.  

Daily I am in the presence of women in my clinic who dance the dance between both their feminine and masculine qualities.  Women who have spent their lives being the pillar of strength for everyone they hold dear.  Women who are in the swells of overwhelming shock and pain.  Women who are having to learn about themselves when they thought they knew everything that there was to know.  Women who are in the push me pull you tug of emotional war.

But in this moment, in this treatment room, each and every woman makes a choice to hand themselves over.  A moment to be curious, to invite healing in, a moment to connect with the parts of her that have been misunderstood or ignored for so long.  These moments are so beautiful to watch.  

These spell binding creatures, in all their complexity, handing themselves over so that I can have the privilege of holding a safe space for them to re-discover.  In those moments I see their resistance to what they see as their weakness.  But I do not see weakness at all.  What I see is a vulnerability, a beautiful vulnerability.  It’s within this transparency these women can begin to open themselves up to accepting every part of themselves.  An opportunity to get to know themselves in a new way.  Awareness and acceptance is where healing can begin.

I am in awe of these women.  They come to me to give kinesiology a try, often because life has dealt them a hand that has left them needing……something, and they don’t always know what that something is.  They feel defeated and confused by their reactions to the world around them.  Often in battle somehow with their cyclical nature. But it is in their most vulnerable moments, I see such strength, such beauty, such inspiration.

So this little blog is an ode to my female clients.  You are all wonderful and I am so grateful for the gentle feminine energy you bring to my treatment room.  Each and every one of you bring with you a beautiful ray of light, and leave me feeling grateful that I too, am part of your tribe.

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