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The Beauty Of Connection

The Beauty of Connection

People often seek out complimentary health practitioners when they need answers.  By the time a client comes to see me, their bodies are usually presenting with uncomfortable symptoms, either physical, emotional or both.  Often orthodox medicine is not helping or has not provided them with the answers they are looking for.  

Kinesiology works with the body’s innate healing system.  Our bodies are a beautiful tapestry of ancient wisdom and a deep sense of knowing.  There is a part of us that knows exactly what is out of balance at any given time.  It is that same part of us that knows the way to perfect harmony and thus follows the added benefit of vibrant health.  It is when we are busy looking elsewhere that we forget this beautifully orchestrated truth of our being.

Generally speaking, we can all think of occasions where we have been busy trying the latest diet or juice fasts, busy being confused in the supplement isle of the supermarket, busy searching the internet to tell us what may be wrong with us, busy ordering self help books, busy picking up our prescription meds, and so our search goes on. So what does all of the above behaviour have in common? 

We are too busy looking outside of ourselves!

Kinesiology accesses information from YOU.  This is the key component of this powerful modality of health care.  The information is you.  The way forward is you.

So how is all this connected to the attached picture?  I invite you to take another look at her eyes.  

As a practitioner, that look in your client’s eyes is the moment of connection.  Connection between you and them of course, but the connection your client makes within him or herself is a beautiful thing to witness.  This connection happens when the body has highlighted where it wants you to place your focus.

That look asks questions like ‘how on earth did you know?’. 

That look shows hesitation.  

That look shows beautiful vulnerability.  

That look is the window to the body, mind and soul being heard.  

That look leads the way to illumination.  

That look is worth a million pounds to any practitioner.  

Because that look is when you have found the answer . . . . the answer your client, on some deep level, already knew.

‘A healer does not heal you.  A healer is someone who holds space for you while you awaken your inner healer, so that you may begin to heal yourself’ – Maryam Hasnaa.

For more information please take a look around my website or you can always call me for a friendly chat on 07876 641278.  I have a facebook and instagram page, both can be found under my clinic name – ’shengko’.

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