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Extinction And The Western Diet

Extinction and the Western Diet

The Microbiome is an incredibly important collection of microbes that sit within the human body.  This natural phenomenon protects us from invasive germs, breaks down foods to release energy and produces vitamins.  The number of microbes that live mostly in your colon outnumber the entire number of cells throughout the rest of your body!  The microbiome could in fact be viewed as a newly discovered organ – one we cannot survive without.
Extensive research tells us that the healthiest people are the proud owners of an incredibly diverse microbiome.   A diverse microbiome helps to support a strong immune system, a free flowing metabolism and digestive system, a balanced hormone system and has a huge effect on our gut-brain health to name but a few important benefits.
So how do we achieve an all singing, all dancing microbiome?  Most of us are aware that natural foods contain various amounts of vitamins and minerals.  Foods also contain essential microbes.  The best way to create a wonderfully diverse microbiome is to eat as many different natural foods as you can.  Think colourful, think natural, think high fibre, think variety, think seasonal.  Cooking from scratch with all the amazing ingredients that our special planet gifts to us is a great start.  You can wonder how many vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, fermented foods, beans, herbs and spices make up your diet throughout the year?
I have recently introduced a little game of Food Bingo to my family and to my facebook and instagram community.  It’s been so popular and is a great way to check if you are getting stuck in a food rut, eating similar ingredients week after week.  Food Bingo gives you seven days to hit a target of 50 different foods.  I have a sheet I can send to you if you fancy giving this a go!  You can email me at
It is so so interesting to monitor and it encourages you to think laterally about what other foods you can introduce.  If you have young children in your household, get them involved.  It is such an opportunity for healthy education around food (and the sense of competition will encourage the fussiest of eaters to try some different flavours!)
Interestingly, the Hadza people of Tanzania have one of the richest and most diverse microbiomes on the planet!  Their diet contains huge seasonal variety and they manage over 600 plant and animal species in any given year.  Most Westerners annually have fewer than 50 per year!!  The Hadza people have virtually none of the common Western diseases such as obesity, allergies, heart disease and cancer.  Perhaps we could all take a ‘leaf’ out of their book!
The human microbiome.  The epitome of great health.  What does yours look like?
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