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Trying To Lose Weight?

Trying to Lose Weight?

I’ve noticed on social media this past few weeks a lot of focus seems to be on health, fitness and weight loss.

Even when trying to eat healthily we can sometimes be caught out by eating foods that our body is intolerant to.  This can create stress and inflammation in the body, which in turn, can lead to weight gain.  Sometimes we can lose weight but then find it all just creeps back on again.

If you are finding losing weight difficult and are suspicious that something is getting in the way, despite your hard work and healthy eating efforts, there is SUCH a simple, quick way to find out for sure.

In my kinesiology clinic I use muscle testing techniques to communicate with the body about many things.  One of these things is nutrition and foods.  You would be amazed at how your body responds differently when being tested against various different foods and drinks.  If you are intolerant to something, you can find out in minutes.  Main offending foods are wheat, milk, sugar and table salt (you will find some of these in abundance in highly processed bread and foods).  However, sometimes it can be foods that are ordinarily deemed to be healthy.

We can also look at stress levels in the body.  If these show to be high, this can most certainly get in the way of weight loss.  During a treatment in this instance, your nervous system and the glands responsible for the stress hormones are invited to calm down.  This creates such a shift in the body that everything, including your metabolism is effected.

There is also a lot of buzz around various weight loss products that are being very actively marketed right now.  Come and get them tested!  Ask the seller if you can grab a few samples of the products and come and check them out.  Your body will NEVER lie to you.  If it’s good and your body likes what is in it, you will feel it in your response system.  If it has ingredients that are not so easy for your body to process, your body will let you know.  Testing in this way allows you to know for sure, no guess work.  

For more info or to book an appointment check out my website or call me on 07876 641278.

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