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Sat At A Desk All Day?

Sat At A Desk All Day?

I was recently asked if Kinesiology can do anything for rounding of the shoulders due to working long hours sat at a computer.

First and foremost, if you are working for long periods of time at a computer, make sure your work space is set up correctly. Your chair height and support is very important and take regular breaks from your usual working position.  Be mindful that rounding of the shoulders can create imbalances in the function of various upper body muscles such as the trapezius, in your upper back and the pectoralis muscles, at the front of your chest.  Tension in these areas can also add to other symptoms such as headaches and compensatory issues such as lower back pain.  During a treatment the function of all the necessary upper back, neck, shoulder and chest muscles can be investigated.

As Systematic Kinesiology works in a ‘systematic’ way consideration would also be given to the nutritional advantages that support each muscle group and its network in the body.  Our bodies require a vast array of vitamins and minerals in order to achieve optimum health.  Through muscle testing we can find out what you may be lacking nutritionally.  There is no guess work when we look to find what exact vitamins and minerals your body is crying out for.  The bio-mechanical responses of the body gives us very clear information.

By using deep tissue massage, we can also work very physically with the body, all the while focussing on the lymphatic system.  This promotes more fluidity and movement within this important network of the body.  This then helps the system to carry out one of its primary jobs, which is to detoxification.

It is also worth thinking about your long term proximity to a computer.  Equipment such as this will be constantly emitting an electro-magnetic frequency that is unrecognisable to the human body.  This causes disturbances at a cellular level in the body.  Using kinesiology techniques we can identify how much of an impact this is having on you and offer guidance on how to reduce this .

We also hold a lot of tension and stress in the neck and shoulder area of our body.  A treatment at the Shengko Clinic takes a truly whole-istic approach and will help give you a new understanding of how emotion and stress is stored in the body.  Part of the treatment is aligned to gently help you to let go of this holding pattern.

If you would like to find out more about Systematic Kinesiology, please take a look at my website or call me for a friendly chat on 07876 641278.






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