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NHS – How Can We Help?

NHS – How can we help?

Ok………… so I am finally entering the world of blogging! I’m part excited but the other part of me feels a little scared if I’m honest! Do I stick to topics related to current affairs? Write about inspirations as they come to me? Or write from my heart? The latter is what scares me the most (doesn’t opening our hearts scare most of us!?), so perhaps for today lets stick to current affairs (and maybe a little heart!)

Recent news has informed us about the NHS and the massive cancellations of surgeries that have been made due to such low resources. It’s a scary thought that an establishment that each and every one of us, if not already, will need to rely on so greatly at some point in our lives. Either for our own health or that of a loved one.

There have been over 55,000 operations cancelled this month. All the while the nurses are treating patients in car parks, patients in their thousands in ambulances waiting outside until there is space in the hospital, a cancer care programme that is simply unsustainable. While the politicians argue it out, I can’t help but think, what can we all do to help?

Often when a problem is so huge, it feels hopeless to even give thought to what small changes we as individuals could possibly make. However, there are so many of us, and when small things happen in large numbers, on a continuous basis – this creates change.

A lot of the burden on the NHS is undoubtedly perfectly preventable illnesses. Well, we can’t help it if we get sick right? Of course not. However, there is so so much that we can do to look after ourselves in a way that nourishes our every essence. A happy, nutritionally balanced, well exercised body is much more likely to be healthy.

Over the years I have become accustomed to a certain type of language when people talk about health issues. Overall, something that stands out to me is the attitude towards ownership of our own health. I hear so often a language that depicts the handing over of responsibility to the doctor, the hospital, or the surgeon. This is undoubtedly a culture mentality, predominantly a western culture. Well, we need to take back what belongs to us.

So what is rightfully ours? Our gift of lungs that breath beautiful air and bring oxygen into our precious hearts. Our digestive system that nourishes our every cell when we feed it with good food. Our eyes that give us the gift of sight to look upon our loved ones faces every day. Our ears that allow us to hear the morning chorus of birds to start our day. Our brains that allow us to interpret our beautiful world.

The day we are born we are a gift to ourselves, all little miracles. Then before we know it we are swept up in the momentum of life, rarely achieving a moment to stop and ask ourselves one simple question, ‘how am I doing?’ A wonderful uncle of mine once said to me, ‘if you can’t stop along the way to smell the flowers, something is wrong’. Wise words and I have never forgotten them.

If we all shifted our focus, just a little, towards taking care of ourselves in a more wholesome way, slowing down a little, allowing gratitude to be a daily ritual, giving some time to process the things in life that have hurt us (after all a damaged heart can bring the most joyful souls to their knees, but it has been said that the cracks are where the light gets in – if you know how).

All these changes, even in small baby steps, can make such huge improvements to our health. What a gift to the NHS. What a gift to our children. What a gift to ourselves.

If this blog has caught your attention, perhaps have a look at the rest of my website – you may as well, now you are here 😉

Systematic Kinesiology – it really is integrative, complimentary health care at it’s best. It can change your life. I see lives changed by it every day. It certainly changed mine.

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