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Body Image Or Self Worth?

Body Image or Self Worth?

Well, since my last blog it’s been a bit of a crazy time for me. I’ve been out and about with the aim to share the wonderments of kinesiology and all that it brings. I’ve found myself in some unforeseen situations. Situations that have come my way and regardless of my hesitation and discomfort, I seem to be propelled forward nonetheless.

I’ve been publicly speaking in front of, what felt like, an ocean of people (out of comfort zone, but I’m working on it), spending time with Mums and their beautiful babies (loved it), inviting clients to take the next step in their journey (moved by their dedication), enjoying the privilege of watching a rather favourite mentor of mine work (inspired, upheld and safe). I also followed a nudge and put myself into a group activity that I knew would take me wildly out of my comfort zone (to help my understanding) plus guiding a visual meditation (the 2 people fell asleep but I’m trying to see that as a positive!)

An obvious theme amongst all of these experiences seemed to be body image, self worth, self esteem and self trust. Funny how we can have weeks where we are involved in such a variety of events, but the same theme is consistent throughout.

One of the above events I attended was the Embrace Movement. We were invited to watch a film about body image. It dramatically brought to my attention how damaging the world of media is on our ability to be content and happy in our own skin. We are undoubtedly bombarded endlessly with imagery and advertising campaigns that brainwash us into believing how we should look, what we should wear and what is visually acceptable or not. The movie was aimed mainly at women but men are most certainly under this same kind of pressure.

The film highlighted to me how disconnected we have become from what is important in life. We are disconnected from our inner self worth. How can we possibly be happy and content with our outer shell if we are not happy and content on the inside? This disconnection can make some of us incredibly vulnerable, especially the young.

Another example of our tendency to look outside ourselves was when I was lucky enough to be invited to Valley Babies. The wonderful Mums there all had it sussed. They knew exactly what they were doing and most importantly they were rightfully, totally in love with their little bundles of joy. Bundles of joy that occasionally were taking decisions that didn’t necessarily fall in line with Mummy’s plan!! This generated some discussion and reminded me of the many times when my children were that small. What I know now, is that even though I asked all the questions and wondered many times if I was doing it right (still do!), if I sat back and listened very carefully, the answers, that were right for ‘my baby’, and that is the key, were right there for the taking. Call it your inner voice, your intuition, your instinct, whatever the name you choose, we all have it. When we learn to trust it, I mean really trust it, that is when we feel most confident in our decisions. And when we emanate that confidence, our children feel it………and it helps them feel safe, which can help sleep, can help digestion, can help immunity, can help endlessly.

Occasionally, we reach various points in our lives when we do need guidance, reassurance, sometimes even pressure. When you are faced with that reality, it’s incredibly important to surround yourself with people who are able to give you what you need (and that is not always what you want!) Find those people or that person who can simply be with you while you express what you need to express. Someone who will support you and guide you while understanding how important it is that you do what you do while being your authentic self. Those people are incredibly healing to be around. And necessary to nurture that place in you that probably always knew the way.

If you feel that you (or someone you know) needs a little support right now, maybe with some of the areas I have mentioned above, not to mention other experiences around confidence, anxiety, low mood, reconnection, creativity…………or anything else for that matter, it can be just the right thing to treat yourself to some ‘you’ time. Yes, kinesiology can work on your body physically, yes it can re-energise you, yes it can fix digestive issues, yes it can identify food intolerances……..but the most beautiful part is that part that holds space for you while you rediscover that element of yourself that always knew the way.

Have a look at my website for more info. You’ll also find my contact details on there if you need them. x

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