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How Toxic Are You?

How toxic are you?

Mother Nature is a cyclical queen and she invites us to join her in her annual dance from season to season.  During the winter months most of us will have enjoyed a much more sedentary, indoor lifestyle. The shorter, colder days lend themselves well to hunkering down, getting cosy in front of the fire, a glass or more of red wine, cheese and biscuits, warm winter stews with dumplings, movie nights with popcorn – you get the picture! And lets not forget that December can also be quite a busy time, and even with it’s magic, Christmas can often leave a little residual stress in our systems.

As wonderful as the indulgence of winter is, not to mention necessary – to recharge, our bodies naturally lend themselves to a different approach during spring. Being fresh, being clean, being outdoors with nature, being more active, more awake!

So how toxic are you this spring? Each day the body works to expel as many toxins as possible. Toxins from things like food, drink, air pollutions, pesticides, medicines, drugs used in livestock, household chemical products, water, electromagnetic stress and indeed our own stress hormones can also make us incredibly toxic.

If we don’t regularly (seasonally is ideal, hence the timing of this blog) help our bodies in their endeavour to eliminate this build up of toxins, they end up being stored in the body. Toxic overload can contribute to a lowered immune system, and a lack of energy and vitality. It can have an effect on the skin, digestion, hormones, and may lead to weight gain and an increased risk of other health issues.

So what can be done? To find out for sure if your body is crying out for your help, a quick one hour kinesiology treatment can tell you so much about how your body is coping. To regain that ‘spring’ in your step, there isn’t the need to seek generic advice. You are biochemically different to every other person on this planet so why accept a generalist view when you are so unique? A kinesiologist can provide you with invaluable information about you – from you! You will then be given guidance on how to give your body exactly what it needs. How fresh to feel ‘fresh’ this spring!

‘They may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel.’ Carl W. Buechner

For more information you can check out my website or give me a call for a friendly chat – 07876 641278.

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