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Diary Of An Exasperated Parent

Diary of an Exasperated Parent

Diary Insert 1:
So today began with me stripping Dillon’s bed again. That’s every night now for 8 nights straight. I’ve tried everything for years to stop him wetting the bed but nothing works, The doctor has offered me tablets that should help him but I don’t know what to do? It doesn’t feel like the answer to me. Online I find info about it being an emotional problem. In my heart of hearts I just don’t know what could be upsetting Dillon. I feel gutted that I don’t know. I’m his mum, surely I should know. Feeling very lost.

Diary Insert 2:
Still having issues at school gates. Dillon will be going up to seniors after this year, so we have to crack this whole thing around leaving me. He is just so clingy all the time. I see the other mums at the gates looking. They offer me reassuring words after Dillon has been dragged off of me by his teacher, but I know for sure they must be thinking there is something terribly wrong. He just gets so angry.

Diary Insert 3:
Another bad start to the day. Why does Dillon hate leaving me so much? Having this start to his day every day has got to be the reason why he is struggling so much at school. At least nobody knows the school have approached me about tests for Dillon. Got a meeting with them on Friday. He is just so stressed and anxious about so many things. I wonder if it is something like ADHD or dyslexia? He’s always been quite hyper at home and his teacher said his concentration span is really short, plus he can’t sit still. He generally finds the work set for him really hard. I honestly don’t know what I hope to find if he is tested? I hope it’s not something, but if it is, at least I might know how to help him? It breaks my heart to think of him struggling so much.

Diary Insert 4:
Dillon is home from school again. It’s the third time he has been off school sick already this year. To be honest, I don’t care. It can’t be helped, he’s always been sickly. If it’s not one thing it’s another. This time it’s a throat and ear infection. If there is something going around Dillon is bound to get it, he always does. At least he seems more settled here at home. Being out and about just makes his anxieties worse, he’s better off at home with me when he’s feeling like this. Bed wetting got a little better for a while but it’s started again. Maybe tonight I’ll get on the internet again, see if I can find some answers??? I must be getting something so wrong with him. I love him so much but find him such hard work…………. mad guilt but true.

The above diary inserts are fictional, but the symptoms within the inserts couldn’t be more real, as I see them all the time in my clinic.

Children (and adults for that matter) struggle with these and many other symptoms every day of their lives. Of course there can be many layers to explain why these symptoms occur, however a fundamental starting point in need of our attention is that of Primitive Reflexes.

Primitive Reflexes are reflex actions originating in the central nervous system. They are exhibited by normal infants but should not be active in neurologically intact children and adults. This is because they are designed to disappear as the frontal cortex of the brain develops. If it is found that one or more of these reflexes may still be active, after the age in which they should have been integrated, many of the symptoms detailed above (and more) may be present.

So maybe you resonate with Dillon’s Mum’s diary entries? Or perhaps you, or someone you know, struggles with poor coordination, poor sense of balance, anxiety, fear of heights, heightened stress levels, hypersensitivity to sudden sounds/frights, lowered immunity, controlling or clingy behaviours, sticking tongue out when concentrating, bed wetting, poor manual dexterity, untidy handwriting, fidgeting, poor concentration, poor short term memory, poor posture, clumsiness, car sickness?
Any number of these, and more, could indicate that one or possibly a number of primitive reflexes are active when they shouldn’t be. The solution can be simple, but more importantly can be so easily missed. Why spend your energy feeling like you ‘naturally struggle’ when there is no need.

For more information have a look at my website My clinic helps people free themselves or their loved ones from unwanted symptoms – in all their many forms. You can book an appointment or for a friendly chat, call me on 07876 641278.

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